What is Indoor Hatchet Throwing?
Hatchet throwing as an indoor competitive sport has taken off in Canada over the past decade. Similar to darts, hatchet throwing is an individual sport played with and against other members of a group. Individuals throw hatchets at wooden targets marked with a bullseye and score points based on where on the target they stick the axe.

Is it safe?
Safety is our number one priority. The format we use and the construction of the throwing lanes are all focused around the safety of the participants. Each competitor throws in his/her own individual lane and competes side-by-side with another competitor. For each pair of throwing competitors, we have an event coordinator/throwing coach who is responsible for keeping score as well as ensuring safety protocols are adhered to and all tournaments are fully supervised. Only the two active competitors throwing at that time are allowed within the throwing area, all other competitors are required to wait in the safety zone behind the lanes.

What are the minimum age requirements?
Flying Hatchets venues are 21+ facilities. No one under the age of 21 is permitted entry. All guests must provide valid photo identification on entry to an Flying Hatchets facility.

Do I need to book or can I just come in?
You definitely need to book ahead for group events at your preferred location. We do offer walk-in throwing sessions during the week. Please check our schedule for availability. We are available for group bookings 6 days a week currently and also offer corporate event packages.

Can I really throw an axe? Really??
You sure can! It has nothing to do with size or strength. And once you land your first bullseye, you’ll be hooked!

Will someone teach me how to do this?
Of course! Our trained coaches will be with you the whole time, supervising every tournament and overseeing every session beginning with safety rules and 1-on-1 throwing lessons.

Am I allowed to bring alcohol?
You are welcome to bring beer or wine (no hard liquor) to our location, and we have refigerators to make sure your cold ones stay that way, No hard liquor is permitted!

Do you have any food or soft drinks for sale? Can we bring our own?
We do not currently offer any food or soft drinks beyond water. You are more than welcome to bring your own (or have it delivered!) Please be sure to bring any plates/napkins/utensils you will need as well.

Do I need experience to join a league?
No experience is required!

Is there an age limit?
Yes, we are currently limited to 18 and over to throw and 21+ to drink (everyone must show ID)

What do I wear?
The only real requirement is for closed-toe shoes, although it is helpful to have a shirt that allows you full range of motion for your arms. Other than that, it is pretty much up to you.

Can we take pictures & videos?
Definitely, you will want to remember your first bullseye. We’d also love for you to tag us on Instagram, Facebook and Tweet us!